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About Sqwincher

Sqwincher® has served Australian workers since 1999 and is a recognised leader in providing safe and effective electrolyte replenishment products that promote fast hydration and good health. 

Sqwincher® can help reduce heat stress related accidents & illness. Dehydration lowers worker productivity. Create a safer & more productive working environment by making Sqwincher® an essential part of your heat stress management plans. Hydration that works™.

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Hydration Health Made Easy

Sqwincher® was founded in the U.S in 1975 with the first high potassium, lower sodium drinks. The company’s first breakthrough came when they decided to target a different, non-sports related audience, and to become “a hydration safety product for the industrial market. Worldwide, the brand is now synonymous with being a healthier, more effective hydration drink for those at work.

Sqwincher® has served Australian workers and is trusted by many leading companies, emergency services and defence force organisations to provide safe and effective hydration to their workers. The Sqwincher® formulation is the result of research and development that goes well beyond quenching thirst to deliver rehydration for the toughest of activities.

Sqwincher® products are also certified under the BRC global standard for food safety. The range includes powder sachets, ice blocks and bottles of Sqwincher® Concentrate.