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What You Should Know About Chain And Lever Blocks

Manual chain and lever blocks are commonly used for heavy duty lifting and materials handling operations. Lever blocks are designed for lifting, lowering or tensioning loads. Providing the load chain remains straight, it can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications. Chain blocks are used for lifting, lowering or extracting loads in a vertical application only.

Know Your Load

Exceeding the rated capacity of the chain block is the major cause of load failures and injuries within Australian workplaces each year.

Know the capacities of your loads to ensure you match the load with the correct block. The application, size and the type of load must be taken into consideration in selecting the right block for your lift. Some hoists like the Beaver Chain and Lever Blocks are colour coded to make selection easier and safer.

Inspect Your Block

Not inspecting your chain or lever block prior to each use can cause potential risk if the chain is twisted or obvious external damage to the block can cause the load to drop.

Frequent and periodic inspections should be carried out on all chain and lever blocks:
  • Frequent Inspection – A visual examination by the operator should be performed prior to each use -by checking load chain, hand chain, top and bottom hooks/latches and the brake mechanism.
  • Periodic inspections – A certified check conducted every 12months by a certified competent inspector. This Inspection is a certified check in compliance with AS1418.

Why Thermal Protective Work Gloves Are Crucial For Safe Handling

Combating the cold winter months and handling cold and wet materials can test any worker.  Worker performance within cold environments requires high quality PPE solutions. And here at Beaver Brands, safety is our number one concern.

When working in cold environments, manual tasks can lower body and hand temperature - making handling and gripping objects more difficult. This can increase the risk of hand and arm grip force reduction, leading to a decrease in blood flow to muscles, thus increasing fatigue and the chance of injury.

Within the workplace hands are most likely to be affected by cold temperatures. When selecting gloves, consideration must be given to the most appropriate product for the temperature, or the tasks being performed within the environment. Factors such as insulation, fit, flexibility, dexterity, job role and hazard need to be considered.

Keeping warm is a basic need that all of us share. For those who work in cold temperatures and environments, the need to keep their hands warm and protected is of major importance.

Choosing quality hand protection will aid in avoiding potentially serious health risks like frostbite, fatigue, and accidents on the job.

People who work within cold handling and cold environments can be both indoors and outdoors and include industries and occupations such as refrigeration, cold storage, warehousing, logistics, transportation, construction workers, maintenance, mechanical, machine operators, baggage handlers, airplane mechanics, and emergency services personnel - who are often exposed to cold stress.

Lighting can also be compromised in both indoor and outdoor cold temperatures and the use of hi-vis hand protection can also aid in further protection within low light environments.

Like their name suggests, the use of the high performance cold resistant, thermal protective glove, Ninja® Celsius Ice will not only provide thermal protection, but also liquid resistance, and superior grip and dexterity for cold applications.

Why Mack Octane Work Boots Are Our Strongest Performer

Mack Octane Safety Boots are lightweight, comfortable, supportive, durable, and best of all, great on uneven work sites and surfaces.

First developed in 2015, with some functional improvements made along the way, Mack Octane Work Boots are still Mack’s strongest performing work boot in Australia.

As part of the Mack ADAPT™ range, the MACK Octane Safety Boot is specially designed to perform in rough terrain with the aim of reducing ankle sprains that are all too common in the workplace.

The Australian based MACK product development team spent several years working with health and safety personnel of leading industrial companies throughout Australia to gain a comprehensive understanding of their injury profiles and bio-mechanical requirements in the workplace.

This extensive consultation process led to the design and development of the innovative ADAPT™ safety footwear range (which our Mack Octane’s are part of) specifically designed to improve adaption to rough terrain.

The paradigm changing ADAPT™ range from MACK considers the performance requirements of the foot and ankle on rough terrain as the core design principle. “The development of this range focused on the footwear as a complete structure, rather than designing each component separately - thus ensuring harmonised function from the foot to the ground.” says Troy Wagstaff, Mack Boots Category Manager.

Mack Octane boots also feature a unique upper design system called articulated fit™, which optimises natural movement of the foot and lower leg, while providing the right amount of ankle support.

Choosing the right Protective Coveralls

Choosing the right disposable protective coverall is now more important than ever, and while we recommend looking at detailed product literature on what the coverall will and will not protect you against, there are some basic things to consider.

As a guide only, the process of choosing the right coverall starts with answering various questions about contaminants (hazardous or not) and work environments. Many factors can lead to different coveralls for the same application or job. We recommend considering the below steps before you choose your protective coverall:

Step 1: Conduct a detailed assessment of the work environment and the nature of the hazards including consideration of the following:
  • Physical state of contaminant
  • Form of contaminant (chemical concentration/particle size)
  • Type of exposure
  • Working environment (temperature, humidity)
  • What kind of job is going to be performed
  • What other PPE will be used with the coverall
  • Additional risks (for example: electrostatic charge, infective agents, nuclear particles)
Step 2: Determine the degree of exposure and minimum levels of protection needed.

Based on the level of protection they provide disposable coveralls are classified into six categories:

B-Safe Retractable Lanyard

A retractable lanyard has a restoring spring which keeps the wire rope or webbing taut, allowing it to respond immediately in the event of a fall.

B-Safe Retractable Lanyards can be used when working on high buildings, bridges, roof’s and other workplaces involving fall hazards. They may be chosen over standard shock-absorbing lanyards for the following reasons:

1. B-Safe Self Retracting Lanyards are lightweight (1.2kg) and very compact compared to some lanyards

2. A self-retracting lanyard allows the worker freedom of movement, not possible with a longer shock absorber. Once tied off to an anchorage point, the worker can move around easily to accomplish their task

3. Because the energy absorber is contained within the compact unit of the B-Safe Self Retracting Lanyard, possible trips and falls caused by a lanyard dragging next to the worker are minimised

4. Of even more importance, is the fact that self-retracting lanyards require just centimetres to arrest freefalls and they slowly pull out, creating minimum impact and stress to the body. With shorter activation distance and shorter overall arresting distance, self-retracting lanyards reduce the risk of hitting the ground or any obstructions at a lower level

Product Safety Recall On Beaver 250kg & 500kg Lever Blocks

Product safety recall on Beaver 250kg & 500kg Lever Blocks supplied between January 2019 and August 2021.

List of recall test facilities:

Bunzl Brands and Operations Pty Ltd
55 Sarah Andrews Cl ERSKINE PARK NSW 2759

Bunzl Brands and Operations Pty Ltd
36 Computer Rd Yatala QLD 4207

Bunzl Brands and Operations Pty Ltd
179 Boundary Rd Paget Mackay QLD 4740

Ninja Maxim General Purpose Range

In the Australian market today, there are basic general purpose gloves and then there are general purpose gloves made with innovative materials that provide excellent long term protection across a broader range of applications and environments.

Just as important are these innovative gloves ability to feel like a second skin, and be breathable and comfortable enough for all day wear.

These factors improve compliance and thereby reduce workplace injuries - many of which occur from workers doing general, seemingly innocuous tasks.

New Ninja Slash-Tec Range

Although challenging to deliver, cut resistant gloves should provide the highest standards of cut protection - without compromising comfort, durability and grip performance.

That’s why we are proud to introduce our new range of Ninja Slash-Tec gloves, which have been engineered with superior lightweight 18 Gauge Kevlar liners to deliver the highest Cut Level F protection and finished with a class leading palm coating of Nitrile New Foam TechnologyTM (NFTTM), to provide maximum protection, comfort, durability, and grip. Slash-Tec is also rated for contact heat resistance.

Together, these unique features enhance wearer safety, performance, and compliance, especially for those users handling sharp and hazardous objects for long periods of time, giving you all-day comfort and durability.

Unlike many Cut F resistant gloves on the market, the new Ninja Slash-Tec range includes style variations which specifically cater to different work tasks, including a glove specifically for both cut and impact protection, a style with extended wrist protection, and a full dip version for added protection against exposure to liquid and oils. Dry and clean hands on the dirty jobs.

New 50kg Pails of Beaver Pre-Cut Transport Chain

Beaver has introduced shelf ready 50kg pails of Beaver pre-cut Grade 70 Transport Chain. Conveniently supplied in pre-cut lengths in a shelf ready plastic pail, they are ready for immediate use and easy storage.

New Mack Torque Range


Workers who suffer from sore feet when wearing work boots all day will finally get the necessary stability and support from Mack’s New TORQUE range of boots, featuring new midsole technology, for all day comfort, durability and fatigue reduction.

The unique new midsole technology, called modRIDE has been biomechanically designed to deliver a modulated ride from heel strike to toe off. The sole geometry is specifically engineered to provide reduced resistance to compression in zones that need cushioning and increased resistance in zones where additional stability is desired.
The midsole design, which is based on the latest running shoe technology, consists of unique waffle zones on the inside and outside of the boots.  These waffle zones offer compression for cushioning the foot at heel strike, and unique waffle stiffness to guarantee stability on the inner side of the shoe for a supportive walking gate.

COVID-19 Update

In keeping with World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines and Australian Government travel advisories, Beaver Brands has been diligent with its risk management plan for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Product of the Month: New Beaver 25kg Chain Pails

Beaver has just launched new convenient 25kg retail packs of general-purpose commercial chain.

The new shorter length chain is available in regular and long links with galvanised or self-colour options.

Sizes range from 3mm to 8mm proof coil chain.

Introducing Mack Workwear

Following on the heels of the popular, Australian-designed Mack work boots, comes a new range of Mack Workwear, designed for the daily grind.

This new range follows the same innovative, bio-mechanical design principles behind Mack footwear. Mack Workwear has been designed to endure, made to move and most importantly, worn to perform.

February Product of the Month: Mack Monterey Safety Glasses

The New Mack Monterey high performance safety glasses are completely glare free, improve contrast and general vision and are extremely comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.

Mack Monterey’s ensure wearer acceptance and compliance with their lightweight yet robust polycarbonate wrap-around frame which ensures a snug fit, and smooth edged side arms for close fitting eye safety and comfort. Comfort and hygiene are also enhanced by the PVC free ‘in frame’ nose bridge.

New Contego Mechanics Gloves

New Contego Mechanics Gloves – A quantum leap in protection, grip and comfort

Contego have added 5 new gloves to their existing range of premium anti-impact and vibration resistant mechanics gloves.

The new gloves utilise new technologies in cut resistance, grip and comfort to a level of sophistication not seen before in the Australian market. With new high-tech materials that offer a better level of protection, breathability and dexterity, wearers can be assured that hazards will be covered without interfering with dexterity required to handle small parts.

The new releases include the Blackwater, Jabiru, Roxby, Chillagoe, and Versadex – all with their own unique features to suit varying applications.  And if you recognise some of these names as Australian mining towns, that’s no accident!  These new gloves are ideal for the mining and resources sector and have already pre-sold well into this market.

For years, Contego’s commitment to hand protection has earned the trust of millions of wearers across Australia, and now the new styles will enhance the existing range to offer a wider breadth of applications across all industries.

Mack Octane Zip Now Available In Black

We've listened to what you want, so the Octane Zip Boot that you know and love is now also available in black!

NEW B-safe Arresto Inertia Reels (SRL’s) - Rated to 140kgs

NEW B-safe Arresto Inertia Reels (SRL’s) - Rated to 140kgs

The ideal lightweight, yet robust range for a variety of applications

The new B-safe Arresto inertia reels or self-retracting lifelines (SRL’s) are fast acting, heavy duty fall arrestors that limit the free fall distance, deceleration distance and fall arrest forces while enabling freedom of movement for the user.  They have been rated and manufactured to 140kgs, with increased gate strengths on components, to meet the soon to be released Australian Standard AS1891.3 for Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices.

The units come with either heavy duty cable or webbing and two of the reels include a handle which can be used as a winch for fall rescue.  The two dual system units can also be mounted to tripods for confined space work.

B-safe Arresto inertia reels are manufactured from hard plastic casing, making them lightweight yet durable, and contain either cable or webbing, with a variety of attachments, which can also be customised to the required application.

All of the models in this robust range include a built-in fall indicator that activates and alerts the user when the unit has been impact loaded.

Local Servicing For Cost Effectiveness & Fast Turnaround Times

Self-retracting lifelines can be serviced and re-certified locally, offering a more affordable option to stay compliant with WH&S guidelines.

For convenience, cost effectiveness and fast turnaround times, servicing and re-certification of all Arresto inertia reels (except the lightweight mini BMIC02-130 & 130AT models) can be undertaken by Beaver Brands & Bunzl Safety branches for shorter lead times and reduced costs. Qualified repair staff and NATA accredited testing facilities are available in each major branch.

For added convenience, spare parts are also kept in stock for quicker repair and customised fittings, if required.

Mack Boots Faculty Awards 2018

Congratulations to our Mack Boots, University of Sydney Faculty of Health Sciences award recipient for 2018, Ting Lin. Ting Lin received the award for her research on measuring the surgical outcomes of children with foot deformity due to an inherited neurological condition Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.

New Frontier VX3 Safety Glasses

New Frontier VX3 Safety Glasses style and comfort combine with the launch of Frontier’s new range of VX3 safety spectacles, which are super lightweight, flexible and designed in the latest wraparound style.

Available in anti-fog, clear, mirror and smoke anti-scratch lenses, the one piece polycarbonate spectacles offer great coverage across the eye and temple areas of the face.