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Beaver Brands are exclusive distributors of Ninja Gloves in Australia.

The Ninja® innovation philosophy is a mix of passion, precision and perseverance. Ninja® consider design and development of hand protection as much art as science.

An Art form, because of the vast experience the company has built over decades of working, experimenting and honing-in on a wide range of formats, polymers, fabrics, coatings, and dipping coverages. The art is in the right mix that delivers as much comfort as performance.

A Science, as personal protection is a serious and deliberate business. It may be the difference between life and death, or the ability to work or not for some workers. A Science because Ninja® employs the most cutting-edge technology, robotics and state-of-the-art production facilities to make the most precise and perfect gloves, in a highly efficient environment.

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Smart Technologies

Ninja offers a unique blend of art and science based on long experience in the field of personal protection equipment. The technologies utilised in Ninja gloves are continuously developed by an expert team using market research and analysis including the latest technological developments.

A multitude of industries use Ninja gloves, including mining and construction, automotive, medical, chemical, environmental, metal fabrication, food processing, pharmaceuticals, electronics, aerospace, plastics, pulp and paper, household and many more.

The Ninja range includes: general purpose gloves, cut resistant gloves, chemical resistant gloves, and cold resistant gloves.