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As workplace safety regulations continue to evolve and improve, it's important for employers to keep up with the latest safety advancements in fall protection equipment. One of these latest innovations is the addition of a tensioning indicator on B-safe Temporary Horizontal Safety Line Kits, which provides an added layer of safety for workers at height.

A horizontal safety line kit typically includes a cable or rope line that is installed along a horizontal plane, providing workers with a secure attachment point as they move along the line. Without a tensioning indicator, tensioning the safety line is often done by feel or guesswork, which could result in the line being either too loose or too tight. Improper tensioning of the safety line can create safety hazards for workers, such as excessive sag, tripping hazards, or the potential for the line to break under stress if it is too tight.

The new tensioning indicator on the B-safe Horizontal Safety Line Kits provides a clear visual indication of whether the safety line is properly tensioned, reducing the risk of safety hazards and improving worker safety. The indicator is a small disk that is attached to the safety line, providing a clear indication of whether the line is under the correct level of tension.

When the safety line is properly tensioned, the tensioning indicator disk rotates freely. If the line is too loose  the indicator disk will not move, alerting the user that the line has not reached the correct tension. This  ensures that the safety line is properly tensioned before used, and reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

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