New Contego Mechanics Gloves

New Contego Mechanics Gloves

New Contego Mechanics Gloves – A quantum leap in protection, grip and comfort

Contego have added 5 new gloves to their existing range of premium anti-impact and vibration resistant mechanics gloves.

The new gloves utilise new technologies in cut resistance, grip and comfort to a level of sophistication not seen before in the Australian market. With new high-tech materials that offer a better level of protection, breathability and dexterity, wearers can be assured that hazards will be covered without interfering with dexterity required to handle small parts.

The new releases include the Blackwater, Jabiru, Roxby, Chillagoe, and Versadex – all with their own unique features to suit varying applications.  And if you recognise some of these names as Australian mining towns, that’s no accident!  These new gloves are ideal for the mining and resources sector and have already pre-sold well into this market.

For years, Contego’s commitment to hand protection has earned the trust of millions of wearers across Australia, and now the new styles will enhance the existing range to offer a wider breadth of applications across all industries.

The Contego Blackwater and Jabiru for example, offer all the benefits of a Contego glove, but with added Cut level 5 palm protection - with the Jabiru also providing supreme back of hand cut protection.

And although all Contego gloves offer impact and vibration resistance, the new Contego Roxby offer supreme impact protection with 5mm thick TPR (thermo plastic rubber) on fingertips and 8mm TPR on the knuckle and back of hand.

For cold and wet environments, the new Contego Chillagoe gloves not only provide a superior grip, but also include 3M thinsulate insulation, water repellent fabric and a water barrier insert to keep hands dry.

Finally, if it’s great fit and breathability that’s required, the new Versadex offer a slim cut design with great tactility - ideal for light duty sensitive work (also perfect for riggers).

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