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Grade 100 lifting chain is fast becoming the most common chain used for chain slings for several reasons.

Aside from the growing availability and affordability of Grade 100 lifting chain and fittings, Grade 100 chain slings offer multiple advantages over traditional Grade 80 product, and with new innovations in manufacturing technology some Grade 100 products are even more advanced.

One of the main benefits of using Grade 100 lifting chain is its higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to Grade 80 chains of the same size and weight.

In fact, Grade 100 provides the user a 25% higher working load limit (WLL) than Grade 80 chains. This means that a worker can lift a load that is 25% heavier before they need to select the next size of chain, thereby resulting in a 30% reduction in the weight of the lifting gear.  These are significant factors to consider as industries seek to make operator handling easier by reducing the weight of their lifting equipment, without compromising on strength and durability.

Secondly, Grade 100 lifting chain is designed to better withstand wear and fatigue, which is particularly important in applications where the chain is subjected to repeated lifting and lowering. Because the chain and components are manufactured from hardened and tempered alloy steels it has a high resistance to impact and wear to meet critical requirements of AS2321.

Another advantage of some Grade 100 lifting products is their higher resistance to corrosion and rust, making them more suitable for use in harsher environments and industries.

Experts in the industry have also noted that since the release of the 2014 Standards for Grade 80 & 100 Chain Slings. A3775.1:2014 and AS3775.2:2014, guidelines and regulations on proof testing and clarity over working load limits for Grade 100 chain and fittings has also bought more confidence and validity to their use.

Think Beaver Brands For Lifting Chain & Components

Beaver Brands is a leading manufacturer and supplier of chain slings in Australia and use leading brands including Beaver BV100 chains and fittings which are manufactured to comply and exceed Australian Standard 3775.

Beaver BV100 chain and components are stronger and more durable, making them ideally suited to heavy engineering industries. The chain is offered in pre-assembled or made-to-order slings for customers nationally.  Beaver BV100 chain and components are highly reliable and cost-efficient and range in sizes from 8mm to 16mm in diameter.

The finish of BV100 chain has also recently been improved with a higher-quality blue phosphate coated finish for even greater longevity and marked with full product traceability codes and information. It also has a self-lubricant feature which offers future oil-free maintenance.

All chain slings manufactured by Beaver Brands are proof tested as per AS3775 and supplied with NATA certificates. We not only manufacture and supply chain slings, our fully trained and accredited team specialise in visually inspecting, repairs and testing of lifting and rigging gear, including chain slings.

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