• NEW B-safe Arresto Inertia Reels (SRL’s) - Rated to 140kgs

NEW B-safe Arresto Inertia Reels (SRL’s) - Rated to 140kgs

NEW B-safe Arresto Inertia Reels (SRL’s) - Rated to 140kgs

NEW B-safe Arresto Inertia Reels (SRL’s) - Rated to 140kgs

The ideal lightweight, yet robust range for a variety of applications

The new B-safe Arresto inertia reels or self-retracting lifelines (SRL’s) are fast acting, heavy duty fall arrestors that limit the free fall distance, deceleration distance and fall arrest forces while enabling freedom of movement for the user.  They have been rated and manufactured to 140kgs, with increased gate strengths on components, to meet the soon to be released Australian Standard AS1891.3 for Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices.

The units come with either heavy duty cable or webbing and two of the reels include a handle which can be used as a winch for fall rescue.  The two dual system units can also be mounted to tripods for confined space work.

B-safe Arresto inertia reels are manufactured from hard plastic casing, making them lightweight yet durable, and contain either cable or webbing, with a variety of attachments, which can also be customised to the required application.

All of the models in this robust range include a built-in fall indicator that activates and alerts the user when the unit has been impact loaded.

Local Servicing For Cost Effectiveness & Fast Turnaround Times

Self-retracting lifelines can be serviced and re-certified locally, offering a more affordable option to stay compliant with WH&S guidelines.

For convenience, cost effectiveness and fast turnaround times, servicing and re-certification of all Arresto inertia reels (except the lightweight mini BMIC02-130 & 130AT models) can be undertaken by Beaver Brands & Bunzl Safety branches for shorter lead times and reduced costs. Qualified repair staff and NATA accredited testing facilities are available in each major branch.

For added convenience, spare parts are also kept in stock for quicker repair and customised fittings, if required.


The range consists of the following:-

Ultra-Lightweight Models

BMIC02-130 & BMIC02-130AT – Extremely lightweight and easy to carry (less than 600gms) with either a quarter turn locking karabiner or triple action karabiner


Cable Models

BPSSW05(SE), BPSSW10(SE), BPSSW15, BPSSW20, BPSSW30  - Heavier & more durable.  Suited to a more rugged environment.


Webbing Models

BPWSW(3.5)SE, BPWSW7.5(SE), BPWSW12. Cost effective range ideal for environments where an electrical hazard may be anticipated.


Rescue & Retrieval Range

BPCGS10R, BPCGS20R, BPCGS25R. These dual system models consist of a cable and handle for rescue and retrieval after a drop, and can easily be mounted to tripods.  The reels have a side locking pin on the handle which enables it to be locked into place.